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  1. Real Estate Webmasters

    Data Feed Analyst


    As a data feed analyst my job revolves largely around the 300+ IDX data feeds we support.

    IDX feeds can come in the form of RETS, remote MSSQL, and FTP (push and pull) and typically involve very large amounts of data (SQL rows, XML or CSV data typically). Some feeds contain many millions of records and hundreds of gigabytes of photos so efficiency and planning is paramount.

    I ensure that data is accurate, reliable, and kept up to date. When something goes wrong, I dive into the code to troubleshoot and fix the issue. If an issue comes up that could potentially not be specific to the feed it is currently affecting, the fix gets added to the main repository and rolled out to the other feeds. This also involves quality assurance especially since any change to a feed can potentially affect hundreds of clients, and a change rolled out to all the feeds can potentially affect thousands.

    I am very proficient in working with relational databases (MySQL) and developing new ways to process, update, and query for data more efficiently. It's important to optimize queries to put as little load on the database servers as possible in order to allow frequent updating without making client sites suffer.

    As well as maintaining existing feeds, I'm responsible for setting up new feeds and re-mapping data when an existing feed changes providers (necessary so that searches continue to function correctly.) I've designed tools to automate much of the feed setup process which cuts down on setup time substantially.

    When I'm not fixing a feed or setting up a new one, I'll typically be working on code improvements to roll out to all the feeds, or tools to make our jobs more streamlined and efficient.

    My role also frequently involves patching client sites (via SVN) with fixes / improvements and resolving conflicts, as well as implementing compliance requirements on client websites and in the framework.

  2. Real Estate Webmasters

    Technical Support Representative (Tier 2)


    As a Tier 2 Technical Support Representative my job primarily involves working through and resolving bugs with the REW proprietary CMS, communicating with clients when I require more information or they require more information, and checking and responding to email and forum posts.

    This generally involves analyzing and tracing PHP code / SQL database queries and implications throughout the application and being able to understand the implications. Occasionally, this involves HTML, LESS, and JavaScript as well.

    My responsibilities also involve site upgrades to new CMS versions. This requires a keen attention to detail as data integrity must be maintained during the data transfer from a legacy database to the current version.

    I also maintain IDX feeds, analyzing and fixing issues when they occur; occasionally I also implement compliance rules as provided by real estate boards.

  3. Real Estate Webmasters

    Technical Support Representative


    As a Technical Support Representative, my responsibilities involve reading and answering emails and forum posts, answering the phone, and helping clients with various technical issues with their websites or directing them to the correct department.

    Some of my other duties include setting up development websites and taking new websites live.

  4. Nordia

    Loyalty Customer Service Representative


    As a Customer Service Representative at Nordia, my duties primarily involve answering calls from Bell customers wishing to cancel.

    This involves explaining and resolving billing issues, right-sizing their packages, and selling products where applicable.


  1. BCIT

    Web Technologies Associate Certificate


    This program thoroughly covers both technical and design elements of standards-compliant Web Design.

    This includes technologies such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, ActionScript, and software such as Adobe Photoshop and Quicktime Pro.

    I graduated with distinction in 2012.