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Highly skilled Web/CLI programmer with extensive experience in data manipulation, automation, optimization (code and database query), and building code to specification. Comfortable working with other programmers, database administrators, and web designers alike.



  1. Real Estate Webmasters

    Enterprise Programmer

    • Optimizations and improvements on multiple codebases
    • Designing, analyzing and optimizing PHP/JavaScript code and relational database queries in the most efficient/sensible manner to achieve project goals
    • Implementing code to perform various data manipulations across dozens of data feeds with distinct attributes
    • Reviewing code fixes on Enterprise level websites
    • Recognizing and educating on unsafe, insecure, and inefficient coding practices
    • Reviewing server error and performance logs to determine areas that need improvement
  2. Real Estate Webmasters

    Data Feed Analyst

    • Bug fixes, optimizations, and improvements on multiple codebases
    • Building code according to project specifications
    • Developing and maintaining tools to make various tasks more streamlined and efficient
    • Designing, analyzing and optimizing PHP code and relational MySQL database queries
    • Maintaining BDX/IDX data feeds including setting up new feeds
    • Cleaning poorly structured data, sanitizing corrupt XML/CSV programatically
  3. Real Estate Webmasters

    Technical Support Representative (Tier 2)

    • Researching and resolving bugs with the REW CMS and IDX data feeds
    • Occasional (bug fix) contributions to the REW proprietary CMS
    • Upgrading websites to new CMS versions, ensuring data integrity while transferring between servers while keeping downtime to a minimum

Education and Certifications

  1. Oracle,

    Oracle Certified Professional, MySQL 5.6 Developer

    • validates knowledge of skills, tools, and issues involved in writing applications with the MySQL database server.
  2. Zend,

    Zend Certified PHP Engineer (ZEND028204)

    • tests knowledge of a wide variety of skills necessary for developing PHP (5.5) web applications

    PHP 7 Jump Start - Online Training Course

    • covers new features and breaking changes between PHP 5 and PHP 7
  3. BCIT, -

    Web Technologies Associate Certificate

    • thoroughly covers both technical and design elements of standards-compliant Web Design
    • includes technologies such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, ActionScript, and software such as Adobe Photoshop and Quicktime Pro
    • completed with distinction