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  1. Real Estate Webmasters

    Data Feed Analyst

    • maintaining IDX/BDX data feeds (RETS, DDF, remote MSSQL, FTP, SOAP, and various APIs, typically formatted as SQL rows, XML, or CSV data) which are used to serve thousands of clients across North America
    • cleaning poorly structured data, sanitizing corrupt XML/CSV programatically
    • analyzing slow MySQL queries and optimizing
    • developing and documenting improvements and fixes that are rolled out to all of our 300+ feeds
    • developing and maintaining tools to make various tasks more streamlined and efficient
    • setting up new feeds which involves mapping arbitrary fields to local standardized fields
    • occasional bug fix and improvement contributions to the REW CMS
  2. Real Estate Webmasters

    Technical Support Representative (Tier 2)

    • researching and resolving bugs with the REW CMS and IDX data feeds
    • occasional (bug fix) contributions to REW CMS
    • upgrading websites to new CMS versions ensuring data integrity while transferring data
  3. Real Estate Webmasters

    Technical Support Representative

    • reading and answering emails, forum posts, and answering the phone
    • helping clients with technical issues on their websites or directing them to the correct department
    • bringing new websites live (transferring to a production server, QA)

Education and Certifications

  1. Zend,

    Zend Certified PHP Engineer (ZEND028204)

    • tests knowledge of a wide variety of skills necessary for developing PHP (5.5) web applications

    PHP 7 Jump Start - Online Training Course

    • covers new features and breaking changes between PHP 5 and PHP 7
  2. BCIT, -

    Web Technologies Associate Certificate

    • thoroughly covers both technical and design elements of standards-compliant Web Design
    • includes technologies such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, ActionScript, and software such as Adobe Photoshop and Quicktime Pro
    • completed with distinction

Skills and Technologies